The Best Fish Scalers 2021 [Scaling Knife For Your Next Fishing Trip]

Best Fish Scalers

It’s important to know the difference between scalers and skinners when you want to fillet your fish. While most have gorgeous-looking scales, these can be quite challenging especially if they’re covering up a sensitive part like underarms or gills where we don’t want any scars from removing them before cooking … Read more

When To Use Frog Baits For Bass? (3 Things You Should Know)

When To Use Frog Baits For Bass?

Topwater frog fishing is exciting. If you’re into bass fishing, then using topwater frogs is a tactic that’s sure to get your heart racing. The moment when the fish grabs onto your lure and explodes upwards will make everyone go wild! If you are new to fishing, Wondering when to … Read more

Ice Fishing Tips For Fishing Lovers | A Beginner’s Guide

As I set my last trap, the setting sun illuminates a vast sheet of creaking ice beneath my feet. A barred owl that inhabits the small cove has stopped booming, echoing its hoots. Having replaced its song with the quiet sounds of songbirds and the distant quacks of quick-flying ducks, … Read more

Can You Eat Bass Fish? (Explained For Bass Lovers)

Can You Eat Bass Fish

Besides being a thrill to catch, the bass is highly-sought sport fish. We are discussing here the most confusing topic can you eat bass? If you are permitted to take it home under local regulations, you can eat these. The majority of bass you can catch after a little research. … Read more

Baitcasting Reel Parts – (Briefly Explained For Beginners)

Baitcasting Reel Parts

Baitcasting reels are a favorite among bass anglers, where precision fishing with predatory fish requires greater control and accuracy. In addition to its added strength and robustness, it is often preferred by professional anglers. Here we discuss different Baitcasting Reel Parts that make all-day fishing hassle-free. Baitcasting Reel Parts Explained … Read more

Parts Of Spinning Reel (Briefly Explained For Beginners)

Parts Of Spinning Reel

Bass anglers usually use spinning reels, especially if they like light tackle and lures. Additionally, they’re a valuable part of the fishing setup, mainly serving to store line and provide an accurate cast. An excellent reel brings more enjoyment to fishing. Here we discuss the different Parts of Spinning Reels. … Read more

Types of Fishing Reels: The Complete Guide

Several types of fishing reels exist, which can prove confusing to someone who is new to angling. It is easier than it seems for you to choose your own if you follow these steps, and in today’s article, we will walk you through selecting your own. In most cases, including … Read more