Best Baitcasting Reels For Beginners – [Recommended For Novice Anglers]

Constantly frustrated by the complexity of professional baitcasting reels that just wastes your time and efforts and want a simple yet best baitcasting reel for beginners? Then you are at the best place as we completely understand your problem and here to help you select the best baitcaster that is simple to use and saves your time and money. If you are a learner and want to become a professional angler, don’t worry. We have listed the beginners baitcasting reels.

best baitcasting reel for beginners 2021

Beginners usually doesn’t know the parameters on which they have to choose the baitcasting reels for themselves. Just shower all your tension and let us explain for you. The new users usually don’t have much command on a spool as it rotates continuously. The buyer should keep in mind this thing and decide on the baitcasting reel, which is insulated with such a braking system that better controls brakes and spool.

Also, beginners are usually not a perfect angler and need to invest time to learn the techniques for proper usage. As a beginner, It is necessary to choose the reel that costs less, easy to handle and having effective anti-backlash technology. The mostly expensive baitcasting reels are usually not suitable for beginners. Moreover, beginners typically face many challenges while using a complicated baitcasting reels. Users usually got stuck due to bird nests and faced many backlashes problems. This led to lower control on brakes. Also, the heavyweight baitcasting reels are challenging to handle for a beginner. As a newbie, you must go for a baitcasting reel having a small size and less weight.


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List Of Best Baitcasters For Beginners 2024

Baitcasting ReelsRatingPrice
Pflueger President XT Low Profile Reel⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
KastKing Royale Legend GT Baitcasting Reels⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Daiwa Fuego CT Baitcast Fishing Reels⭐⭐⭐⭐
Lew’s American Hero Baitcast Reel⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
RUNCL Baitcasting Fishing Reel ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cadence CB5 Baitcasting Reels ⭐⭐⭐⭐

#1- Pflueger President XT Low Profile Reel

best fishing reel for beginners

When someone starts doing any activity or using any product, their experience depends upon their practice. The same is the case for fishing and baitcasting reels. If users find baitcasting reel comfortable and enjoy the fishing through this, they will surely go for this more frequently. Pflueger is a brand that has a variety of different baitcasting reels, each having spectacular and peculiar features.

Pflueger President XT is specifically designed for beginners. By using this reel, learners get relief as it is straightforward to operate. Starting with its design, it is a low profile reel. This baitcasting reel weighs just 8 ounces. The buyer can easily carry this weight and enjoy the whole fishing process for a long time continuously.


Bearings are an essential part of any baitcasting reel. The presence of baitcasting reels reduces the friction between the reel’s moving parts and increases the speed. This makes the whole fish casting process more effective and more manageable. As the number of ball bearing increases, the fish casting becomes easier and more comfortable. It has a set of 9 bearing system. These ball bearings are made up of stainless steel that increases its durability and makes it stronger.

Braking System

It has a magnetic brake system, which is control by electromagnetic forces. This brake system is super comfortable for beginners as you can easily control the speed and rotation of the spool and backlashes externally. Aircraft-grade aluminum is used in the manufacturing of its handle. This material makes the Pflueger president super durable baitcasting reel. Also, a soft-touch knob is present for increasing the grip on the reel.

Key Features

  • A gear ratio of 7.3:1
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum handle
  • Magnetic braking system
  • 9 ball-bearing system
  • Soft-touch rubber knob


  • Brand: Pflueger
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Hand orientation: Right hand
  • Weight: 7.4 ounces
  • Super durable baitcasting reel
  • C45 side plates for less weight
  • Smooth dragging process
  • The drag system is a little bit weaker for regular usage


#2- KastKing Royale Legend GT Baitcasting Reels

best baitcasting reels for beginners

If you are looking for the most reasonable and budget-friendly baitcasting reel, then the KastKing Royale series is one of the best for you. Beginners should not spend more money on baitcasting reel until they learn and practice much of it. KastKing Royale Legend GT is one of the good baitcasters recommended for beginners.

One of the main challenges for beginners is the backlashes problem. They get frustrated with this. But kastking royale legend GT gives relief to learners. To overcome such issues, it has a dual brakes system. The centrifugal and magnetic brake system provides super control for users on brakes, spool, and baitcasting reel speed. It has a much high gear ratio of 7.2:1. This means the spool rotates 7.2 times when the handle of the reel turns 360o. The gear ratio determines the speed of the reel. A higher gear ratio indicates a high baitcasting reel’s speed.

The presence of an anodized aluminum spool provides maximum strength to the baitcasting reel. In contrast, the material used in the manufacturing of this baitcasting reel works to increase the strength and decrease the baitcasting reel’s weight. It has a very low profile design with advanced features. The bearings installed inside it is made up of stainless steel. It has a 5 + 1 set of ball bearing for the smooth casting of fishes.

Having a lower weight of just 7.2 ounces led users into confusion that it must be able to drag just a few pounds. Hold on and listen to us first. Unbelievably, it can drag up to 17.6 lb of weight. Isn’t it amazing? Indeed, it is. Above all, it can be used in normal water as well as saltwater.

Key Features

  • A gear ratio of 7.2:1
  • Dual brake system (magnetic and centrifugal brake system)
  • 5 + 1 ball bearing
  • Maximum drag up to 17.6 lb
  • Anodized aluminum spool
  • Low profile design


  • Brand: KastKing
  • Model: Royale Legend GT
  • Material: Aluminum, Graphite
  • Hand orientation: Right hand
  • Weight: 0.48 pounds
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Low weight baitcasting reel
  • High-speed baitcasting reel
  • It has a smaller life span


#3- Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel - best for beginners

Abu Garcia is a manufacturer famous for its quality products. It has various models of baitcasting reels. Each model is unique in its way. I selected Abu Garcia pro max for beginners as it is an excellent tool to learn the basic techniques. It is available at a very reasonable price. Without any further delay, let’s dig into its features.

The manufacturer uses graphite to keep its weight as low as possible, beginning with its exterior and interior construction; it has a single graphite frame covering all the inner components. The side plates present inside it are also made up of graphite. Moving towards another most essential component, that is gear. It has duragear brass gear that ensures the durability and strength of this baitcasting reel. The handles are of the best density EVA for a better grip of users. Its smaller weight also adds up to a low profile design.

In addition to 7 ball bearings, it also has 1 roller bearing present in it. This roller bearing helps to maintain distance between moving parts and carry heavyweights. It has a specialized MagTrax brake system to enhance the accuracy and range of casting for beginners. Its spool is of double- anodized aluminum that rotates much faster. For the surety of smooth casting, Abu Garcia Pro Max has a power disk drag system. All these spectacular features mark its name in the list of best budget baitcasting reel for beginners.

Key Features

  • A gear ratio of 7.1:1
  • 7 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing
  • MagTrax brake system
  • Power disk drag system
  • Attractive black and gold color
  • One-piece graphite frame
  • Duragear brass gear


  • Brand: Abu Garcia
  • Material: Aluminum, Graphite
  • Hand orientation: Right hand
  • Weight: 0.21 kilograms
  • It has a machined double anodized aluminum spool
  • It has EVA handle which have high density
  • Perfect for learning purposes
  • It does not work as smooth as other baitcasting reels of this price range


#4 – Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel

Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel - best for beginners

When we talk about high-quality baitcasting reels, piscifun stands at the top of the list. Its baitcasting reels fulfill the standards of good quality. Piscifun Torrent is the best pick for beginners, having good anti-backlashes technology and easy to use characteristics.

In old times, fishing rods were used for casting fishes. But it was not an effective way. To cast a fatty fish through a casting rod was a challenge at that time. Also, the tip of the line stuck with bird nests and other random objects. The simple fishing rod was unable to drag heavyweight. By attaching the baitcasters to a fishing rod, the user can get rid of all the problems.

It has a carbon fiber drag system that can drag up to a maximum of 18 pounds without any hurdle. Through this, you can handle heavy fishes with ease. This powerful drag system is embedded in this low profile baitcasting reel. Its weight is just 8 ounces. When we compete for its durability with baitcasting reels of other brands, then it wins the race. The gears are made up of Japanese Hami cut brass that enhances its strength.

It has a gear ratio of 5.3:1. This ratio is not suitable for a pro angler, but for novice anglers, it is sufficient. The spool and gears are constructed from CNC anodized aluminum. The stainless steel bearings are also present in it for smooth performance. Due to constant working, friction between different moving parts is produced. To get rid of this friction, it has a particular port for lubricating its parts. But it does not come with a lubricant. You have to buy it for yourself. This extraordinary lubricating feature minimizes friction and increases the life span of the baitcasting reel.

Key Features

  • Gear ratio : 5.3:1
  • Low profile design
  • Durable brass gear
  • Magnetic brake system
  • Maximum drag up to 18 lb
  • Double wind shafts
  • Over-sized EVA knob
  • CNC machined Aluminum spool


  • Brand: Piscifun
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Hand orientation: Right hand
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • 10 days returning policy
  • It has a lubricant port
  • Resists climate effects
  • Low gear ratio
  • Doesn’t come up with a lubricant


#5- Daiwa Fuego CT Baitcast Fishing Reels

Daiwa Fuego CT Baitcast Fishing Reels - best for newbies

The biggest problem that people face while using baitcasting reels is the backlash problem. If you are looking for a baitcasting reel with minimum backlash problem, then Daiwa Fuego CT is the best choice for you. Backlashes problem occur when the lure stops rotating while the spool does not. This led to knots and tangling of lines commonly known as the bird’s nest.

Just like other high-rated baitcasting reels, it has a single aluminum frame. It has a very small size that can easily fit into your palm. It only weighs 0.61 ounces. Users can easily carry it to the whole long day without being tired. So, it is suitable for practicing and learning purposes.

Beginners usually look for the control baitcasting reel. The most extraordinary feature that needs to be highlighted is its casting control system. It has a Magforce-z cast control system. This is also a magnetic feature but not just like the ordinary ones. This casting system is a combination of the old magnetic brake system with an advanced magnetic brake system. This combination entirely removes the problem of backlash and provide smooth casting throughout the whole day.

It has its particular drag system, which is the ultimate tournament drag system. This drag system led the baitcasting reel to perform smooth and long casting continuously. It also increases the cranking power up to maximum. Through this, it can drag up to 13.2 lb. Furthermore, it has an infinite anti-reversing feature. So, it is a complete package for beginners.

Key Features

  • Gear ratio of 5.4:1
  • It can drag up to 13.2 lb
  • The MagForce-z cast control system
  • The ultimate tournament drag system
  • Air rotation
  • The more advanced braking system
  • More cranking power
  • Infinite anti-reversing feature


  • Brand: Daiwa
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Hand orientation: Right hand
  • Weight: 0.61 ounces
  • No backlash problem
  • Attractive look
  • Good for long casting
  • A little bit noisy on the retrieve


#6- Lew’s American Hero 6.4:1 Right Hand Baitcast Reel

Lew's American Hero 6.41 Right Hand Baitcast Reel - best for beginners

If you are concerned about the physical appearance of the baitcasting reel, then go for this masterpiece. Lew’s is a very famous and trusted brand because of its casting lines. An American hero is one of its recent models that also marks all the standards of this brand.

It has a gear ratio of 6.4:1, good enough for beginners. Lew’s American Hero is available in both left and right-handed orientation. All the components are sophisticatedly pack in a small size. Black side plates are also fabricated in it for lowering its weight. The spool is made of CNC machined anodized aluminum. This material is corrosion-resistant; thus, the spool rotates continuously without any friction. The whole frame is black while the spool is in blue color that increases this little baitcasting reel’s beauty.

A tension knob is also present on the baitcasting reel for proper control. For smooth and frictionless casting, it has a set of 4 + 1 stainless steel bearings. Also, it has a zero reverse one-way clutch for maximum control. The maximum line length that it can hold is 12/120 (yards/ Lb). A magnetic control system is embedded in it that can be easily controlled by using it externally. Like other family members, it also has speed gears fabricated in it.

Key Features

  • Gear ratio of 6.4:1
  • Anodized aluminum spool
  • Tension knob
  • 4 + 1 bearings
  • Magnetic control system
  • Speed gears


  • Brand: Lew’s
  • Hand orientation: Right hand
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Weight: 0.45 pounds
  • Zero reverse one-way clutch
  • One-piece graphite frame
  • Left and right-handed models
  • Users complain about the bird’s nest


#7- RUNCL Baitcasting Fishing Reel – Best For Catfish

RUNCL Baitcasting Fishing Reel - best for newbies

As a beginner, you have to go for  RUNCL Baitcaster which does a fantastic job while fishing. It is not much famous as other brands but works compatible with their models. REMIEL, named RUNCL baitcasting reel, has a gear ratio of 7.5:1.

It has a seamless magnetic brake system. This brake system consists of 5 magnetic beans for the stable casting of fishes. The user can get rid of any kind of lure and effectively reduce the bird’s nests through this. It has a much higher number of bearings as compared to other baitcasting reels of the same category. Manufactured with 11 balls bearing, 10 are stainless steel ball bearings, while 1 is an anti-reverse bearing. These ball bearings are much higher than any other baitcasting reel in the same price range.

When you look into its drag system, it will surely amaze you. Having an advanced sealed drag system, it drags 20% more efficiently than other baitcasting reels. It has three washers, out of which 2 are premium carbon washers, while the other is an arch-shaped stainless steel washer. This stainless steel washer increases the area between the anti-reverse bearing and other washers. It also guarantees longer and smooth casting.

This is baitcaster which phenomenal features that allows beginners to cast easily without getting backlash, and without using your thumb to control the spool, which is why we included it in the list of best baitcaster under 100.

Key Features

  • A gear ratio of 7.5:1
  • 10 ball bearings and one anti-reverse bearing
  • Seamless magnetic brake system
  • The advanced sealed drag system
  • Maximum drag up to 17.6 lb
  • 20 % more dragging power
  • 2 carbon fiber washers and 1 stainless steel washer
  • Technically more advanced
  • Aluminum alloy spool


  • Brand: RUNCL
  • Material: Stainless steel, aluminum
  • Hand orientation: Right hand
  • Weight: 6.28 ounces
  • Very budget-friendly
  • Premium aluminum alloy spool
  • Larger life span
  • The handle is wider than others
  • Its efficiency decreases in saltwater


#8- Cadence CB5 Baitcasting Reels – Best Lightweight Fishing Reels

Cadence CB5 Baitcasting Reels - best baitcaster for beginners

Usually, older brands offer free trials and warranty, but surprisingly, cadence, an emerging plan, provides 90 days risk-free trial. The CB5 has a light graphite frame. The side plates are also made of graphite that also reduces its weight. It has a gear ratio of 6.6:1.

It is available in both left-handed and right-handed versions. The feature that admires most about is the material used in the construction of this baitcasting reel. The spool is made of a machined aluminum spool. The crankshaft is of brass. It is 20% stronger than other compatible baitcasting reels. All these durable materials also increase the life span up to 30%.

It consists of 7 double-shielded bearings constructed from stainless steel and 1 anti-reverse bearing. The CB5 has a magnetic brake system. Users can easily control these adjustable brakes externally. It can drag up to 20lbs of weight. To gives users a sigh of relief, it offers a 1-year warranty on its baitcasting reels. All these fabulous features stand in the list of best budget baitcasting reels for beginners.

Key Features

  • Gear ratio up to 6.6:1
  • Maximum casting weight of 20 lb
  • Light-weighted aluminum frame
  • Aluminum spool
  • 7 double-shielded stainless steel bearings
  • 1 anti-reverse bearing20% stronger
  • 1-year warranty


  • Brand: Cadence
  • Material: Aluminum, Graphite
  • Hand orientation: Left hand
  • Weight: 0.05 kilograms
  • It has 30% more casting life span
  • Brass crankshaft
  • 90 days risk-free trial
  • Its handle size is small
  • It produces a little bit of noise during casting



Q1. How to choose Best Baitcaster for Beginners?

A. Perfectly casting a baitcaster is one of the major issues every fishing lover  newbie face. Learning how to casting effectively without getting backlash this is the main trick every beginner spend most of the time of his learning.

Now modern baitcasting reels are equipped with advanced braking system which reduces the chances of backlashes.

So now, if you’re a beginner and want to avoid frustration on your first fishing trips, it’s highly recommended to select a baitcaster with dual braking technology, which will allow you to easily control cast without getting any backlash.


Final Words

I hope this guide would be helpful for you to select a baitcasting reel suits to your skillset and providing information regarding Best Beginners Baitcasting reels. I love to study and want to learn skills expertise level of Fishing Newbies, If you are newbie of fishing and confused due to the selection of Baitcasting Reels, then you’re at the right place where you get exact information regarding Baitcasting Reels For Beginners.

This concludes our review on the best baitcasting reels for beginners. So which model should you buy? All of the models on this list are high quality most recommended by professional anglers, and so you can’t go wrong with any of them.


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