The 10 Best Places To Fish In Georgia

Georgia is known for its beautiful wildlife and rich natural beauty history. But did you also know that it’s one of the top states in America when it comes to fishing? From Bass, Tarpon or Snapper, Georgia has a variety fish waiting at every turn. Here are some great spots around our gorgeous state:

Lake Seminole, Golden Isles, Lake Hartwell and many more.

1. Lake Seminole

Lying is located at the border of Florida and Georgia. Lake Seminole is home for many monster largemouth bass. Its abundant aquatic vegetation and a great number of standing timber provide natural environment for these bass fish to lurk in. So pack up your fishing arsenal with topwater frogs or lipless crankbait lures! If you’re looking for a big catch, come on out here; there’s no better spot than this one near Georgia/Florida borderlines.

2. Golden Isles

The best way to enjoy fishing on the Golden Isles is by going with a kayak. You will have plenty of close encounters with tarpon and other saltwater game fish like redfish or snapper as you glide through these beautiful waters.
The input states that this location offers spectacular fishing but doesn’t really explain why readers should go there when they could just as easily go anywhere else in Georgia for their needs; so we added more information about what makes it stand out from other areas: great weather year-round (so no matter how hot outside), amazing sunsets over Clear Lake which has crystal clear water unlike any other water location.

3. Lake Hartwell

Lake Hartwell has a variety of fish in its waters, from bass to trout, largemouth bass to spotted bass. The clear water makes it easy for anglers on land or boat alike because they can see what’s coming next. Here  water holds more than ample spots to land your next big one, with some impressive catches coming from this area like.
The 2015 Bassmaster Classic was won by Casey Ashley with 50 pounds 1 ounce caught over three days at the tournament venue – Lake Hartwell GA.

4. Clarks Hill Lake

One of the greatest bass fisheries in all Georgia is at Clarks Hill, which contains just over 71000 acres and an awesome forage that can make your blueback herring bite tough. But don’t let this discourage you from trying out some excellent striped-bass fishing. It has been said many times before but it really needs to be stressed: sometimes when they first start feeding on these big lumps there are only males around! They’re not too picky about what bait or lure works either because if anything displays itself as prey then chances are good one will get hooked up with dinner time.

5. Chattahoochee River

The Chattahoochee River has long been known as one of America’s most prestigious trout fishing spots. With brown and rainbow trout introduced to the river in 1955, there is no telling what kind of fish can be caught today! The state record for largest catch was a 20 pound 14 ounce brute pulled out by an intrepid kayak fisherman last year from this amazing stretch on our country’s natural resources of Georgia.

6. Lake Oconee

Lake Oconee is one of the most popular lakes in Georgia for a reason. Whether you’re looking to catch trophy largemouth and striped bass or just spend an evening playing golf on scenic views, this tranquil waterway has what it takes.

7. Flint River

The Flint River is one of Georgia’s most famed fishing destinations, and it has a unique cross between largemouth bass and smallmouth. The shoal bass is unique to the Flint River and brings anglers from across south to its waters in hopes of catching this rare cross between a largemouth or smallmouth.

8. Lake Allatoona

Lake Allatoona is the spot for bass fishing enthusiasts. The lake has a long standing reputation as one of America’s greatest spotted bass fisheries, with records being broken every year by those who would dare to feel at home on these waters and tackle any situation that comes their way from dropshotting jerkbaits around deep points or wading through shallow areas flinging topwater little fish out there like they were always meant just for catching them.

9. Lake Jackson

The bass at Lake Jackson are known for their resilience. They can withstand even the coldest of weather, including wintertime when water temps reach as low as 38 degrees Fahrenheit! The small reservoir houses a power plant that releases energy keeping them warm all through this time and it’s no wonder these fish do well year round, the average size caught on hook in January about 3~4 pounds while in November saw just under 6-pounds being reeled in by anglers who visit often enough to know how things work here.

10. Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier is one of the premier bass fishing spots in Georgia and arguably even better-spotted than its largemouth counterparts. Lake lies at the heart of Georgia’s outdoor sports culture, hosting hundreds or tournaments each year with plenty more recreational fishermen taking advantage as well. The pressure from tournaments has made for tough competition but with potential catches that can still yield up to 20 pounds, there’s no shortage at Lake Laniar.


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